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RicheeRank is an SEO company located in Nigeria that helps business owners, Agencies and SEO Experts purchase SEO services via a simple e-commerce experience.

SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria

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Buy SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important aspect of SEO. The more of them you have the higher the authority of your website and the higher your position on Google search can be [Learn More]

Buy SEO Content Creation

You cannot succeed in SEO without content on your page. We will write optimized content for your pages and posts that can rank on the 1st page of Google [Learn More]

Buy SEO Guest Posts

Guest posts are the perfect combination of content and links. You create articles embedded with your backlinks, send to us and we publish in a website you choose below [Learn More]

Buy Researched SEO Keywords

We’ll do thorough research and find you phrases your customers are using to search on Google for products and services you sell [Learn More]

Buy SEO Consultation

Jump on a video or voice call with us to complain about your SEO problems and we’ll direct you on how to solve it. Download training materials and learn at your own pace [Learn More]

Buy SEO Website Audits

Get indepth audit reports that inform you on why your website or App is not performing well with regards to SEO. Monitor your search traffic and find out what pages and keywords drive the most clicks and sales [Learn More]

Why Choose Us


Our SEO company is specialized in everything that has to do with organic search marketing.


With 5+ years of SEO experience under our belts, RicheeRank has the most skin in the game versus any other SEO Agency in Lagos.


Unlike other SEO Agencies that bombard you with technical Jargons, we make the entire process simple and familiar to you.

SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria

Say Goodbye To Complicated SEO services!

We understand that Search Engine Optimization can be a very difficult topic to understand and comes with lots of technical jargon used by many SEO experts. Well not anymore. Our e-commerce SEO platform allows Nigerians to shop for SEO services like they would products on websites like Jiji or Jumia. Think of Richee Rank as the Jumia of SEO products.

  • No monthly contracts – just add products to Cart and checkout.
  • No more lengthy back and forth meetings with your SEO Agency.
  • No more long complicated reports that are hard to understand.

The Importance of Search in buying decisions

We live in a digital age where customers, from the comfort of their homes, now go online to search for products and services to buy. A recent study shows that 81% of Shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase decision.

This means that as a business owner, you need to position your website on the first page of Google so that when these digital-savvy customers search for products & services to buy online, they find you.

With almost 6 years of experience in this industry and over half a billion Naira worth of business generated for our clients using SEO alone, Richee Rank is the ideal SEO company in Lagos, Nigeria to get your website more traffic, leads & sales


SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria

With Google Ads, you pay for every click to your website. With SEO, clicks are free. The advantage of Google Ads over SEO is that your website will show up on Google “instantly”.  However, the advantage of SEO over Google ads is that it’s way, way cheaper in the long run. You can do it today and benefit from it for the next 5 years without spending a dime.

If you offer a service or product that people may search for, then yes, SEO is for you. Considering that many people “google” whatever they need, there’s a high likelihood that your customers are also searching.

Yes, we do. We have achieved first-page ranking for some of the most competitive keywords. We are sure we can achieve this for you.

This depends on how competitive your keywords are. On most campaigns, we achieve first-page ranking within 3 to 6 months. Once we have your website address, we can provide a more accurate estimated timeframe.

You can track if our SEO service is working by studying the SEO reports we will send to you monthly. In these reports, we will show your rankings before and after. You can also check yourself by entering the keyword on Google.

No, you do not need to keep paying after we’ve achieved first-page rankings. We however have clients that keep us on a retainer to continue monitoring their rankings month in, month out because SEO is an ever-changing space. If you stop even though you’re at the top, there’s every chance your competitors will keep optimizing their SEO and they could outrank you in time.

The next step is to find an SEO service that you want to implement on your website (e.g: a 1hr video call consultation), add it to Cart and checkout using Secure payment methods like Flutterwave and Paystack.

Immediately after payment, you will be redirected to an order page where you can provide more details on your order.

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