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About RicheeRank

RicheeRank was founded in March 2018 by SEO expert, Richard Juwah. At inception, the SEO division of the business had been fused with other Digital Marketing services but was later spun off as a standalone business.

Since its formation, the Nigerian SEO Agency has been directly responsible for getting several businesses to be seen more than 29 million times on Google Search alone.

seo expert in nigeria

Richard Juwah

Lead SEO Specialist

SEO Expert In Nigeria: Meet Our Founder

Hello Dear Business Owner,

My name is Richard and I got started on my SEO journey in 2015 while I was learning how to grow a profitable blog.

Blogging taught me a lot of skills, the major one being Search Engine Optimization. Now I want to use this medium to teach and help business owners to grow their traffic, leads, and sales using the power of Search.


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Beechwood Park,
Lakowe Golf, Lagos, NG

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