How Much Do SEO Experts Make In Nigeria? Find Out

If you’re searching for how much do SEO experts make in Nigeria, it means you’re probably considering learning SEO by undergoing an SEO training and you need to know if it’s a profitable skill that will pay you well.

Well then, let me start by saying this: SEO is a very profitable skill to learn.

I should know. After all, I’ve been optimizing websites for SEO since 2018 and I can tell you the amount I’ve earned and the worth of leads I’ve generated just by ranking my business websites on the first page of Google over the past 4 years+.

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How Much Do SEO Experts Make In Nigeria

In order to truly understand how much money SEO experts make in Nigeria, let me start with how much I was being paid as an entry-level SEO specialist at ROI Digital, one of the best Media Buying Agencies in Nigeria.

My first Job post-NYSC

Truth be told, long before I founded the best SEO agency in Nigeria, as of 2018 February when I got my first paid employment as an SEO Specialist, I probably just knew 15% of what I know today about SEO.

Matter of fact, all I had was theoretical knowledge based on all I had read about the subject. I hadn’t actually achieved first-page rankings for any keyword (not even my own name). I had just started a new blog in January of that year and by February, I had the job, so I did not really have much time to practice anything.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from landing the job. Apparently, I had enough knowledge as it were to impress at the 3-man interview where my whole body was shaking with fear.

When I look back in retrospect, I realize that I wouldn’t have gotten that job if I hadn’t begun learning SEO and had enough knowledge that I could boldly add it to my CV.

My starting salary was ₦80,000 per year and that was because I didn’t have the courage to negotiate (rookie mistake). I would have started with 6 figures if I had had more belief in myself.

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Fast forward to 2020

After leaving ROI Digital, I got an offer as an SEO Specialist at Fujitsu, a company that made and sold batteries both retail and wholesale. They needed someone to rank their products which were already on ecomm stores like Jumia and Konga.

To cut the long story short, I aced two stages of the interview and landed the job with a ₦150,000/month payday.

How much do SEO experts make in Nigeria: Post-employment

How much do SEO experts make in Nigeria

After some years in the job market, I finally got to the reason for it all – running my own business empire.

Might I add that because SEO is a long term game, I started my business journey the very first 3 months I got my first employment. This meant that as the years went by, I kept optimizing my business websites and blogs to rank for my target keywords and overtime, rank they surely did.

The first SEO client I got was a former work colleague of mine, Peace Itimi. Some of you might have seen her YouTube videos or heard her name before. Well it’s that Peace Itimi.

She brought a ₦120,000 payday my way to optimize two websites for clients (or friends) of hers.

Let’s track back a bit.

Remember I told you that when I started working in 2018, I created business websites that I had steadily begun optimizing for SEO. Well today I can proudly say that this optimization has paid huge dividends.

About 80% of all my income comes in foreign currency because foreign companies who want to advertise in Nigeria find my Agency on Google Search. I also have blogs that are monetizes with AdSense that pays me monthly in dollars (thanks be to God Almighty).

As i write this article, one of my companies is sitting on a huge deal worth about $14,000, all because they found us on Google Search.

None of these milestones would have been possible if I didn’t learn Search engine optimization – I can guarantee you that.

Conclusions on how much do SEO experts make in Nigeria

I hope with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you through my personal experiences that indeed, SEO experts make a lot of money in Nigeria.

You don’t need to be an SEO guru to start. I wasn’t when I started in 2018. You just need to know the basics and have a strong foundation.

I can teach you this.

So if you’re convinced that this is a lucrative industry for you, if you’re convinced that I have what it takes to teach you Search Engine Optimization as a beginner or Intermediary level learner, send me an email now and I will enroll you for my coaching program. In this program, I’ll teach you all I know, my experiences, my failures and successes so you can avoid certain pitfalls and start well.

I’m a very busy person and as such can only accommodate a few serious people per batch. I only want to work with 10 serious-minded people who know what they want. If that person is you, click the link below to contact me now.

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