SEO Services in Lagos Nigeria: All You Need To Know

SEO Services In Lagos Nigeria are basically a list of all the activities that a Nigerian or Lagos-based SEO agency will carry out in the course of their Search engine optimization.

When shopping for Nigerian SEO agencies, it’s important you are informed about all the SEO services they will carry out for you so you know what exactly you’re spending your hard earned money on. I don’t expect you to know these things the way a dedicated SEO expert would, however, having an idea will help you not to get bamboozled by all the technical grammar many agencies spout to get you confused.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is SEO?

seo services in lagos nigeria

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is simply all the activities that are done on and off a website to increase its visibility in search engines. These activities that are done on or off a website are known as SEO services.

They can be broken down into 4 major parts namely:

  1. SEO audits services in Lagos Nigeria
  2. On-page SEO services in Lagos Nigeria
  3. Off-page SEO services in Lagos Nigeria
  4. Technical SEO services in Lagos Nigeria

I’ll explain each of these services in the most simple terms possible so you get my drift.

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#1. SEO Audit services in Lagos Nigeria

SEO audit Services in the most simple terms are a series of tests an SEO expert runs on a website to know why that website isn’t ranking for its target keywords. It gives insight into what is wrong and how to fix it.

Think of it like a Doctor running a series of tests on a patient to diagnose an ailment.

These series of tests cut across checking if the website pages are indexed, if the website has links from other authority websites, if the website loads slowly etc.

It’s important to note that without conducting thorough audits, an SEO campaign is already doomed from the get-go because it will be optimizing for the wrong signals.

#2. On-page SEO services in Lagos Nigeria

These services refer to all optimization activities an SEO specialist carries out on a website page. It’s aimed at making any web page more understandable by search engines.

On-page SEO entails activities like keyword research, keyword placements, image optimization, headings optimization, internal and external link placements, and so on.

On-page is vital because one cannot be said to rank for any keyword if the said keyword isn’t generously sprinkled, so to speak, all around the website. It’s almost like applying to work as a Teacher without mentioning that your specialty is teaching on your CV or Resume.

#3. Off-page SEO services in Lagos Nigeria

This is the direct opposite of On-page SEO and refers to all optimization activities that are carried out off a website page. That means it isn’t done on the website itself that is being optimized.

Let me explain.

You see, for off-page, Google takes into consideration where to rank you on search engines based on how many websites are linking to yours. In Google’s eyes, more websites mean more influence.

Links (or Backlinks as they are fondly called) are like votes of confidence passed from website to website and Google takes this very seriously.

Let me paint you a very apt picture of why this is like the Holy Grail of all SEO:

Imagine if you were to walk into the VIP section of a Club in Lagos and the bouncers stop you. Then one of your friends says “Don’t worry, he’s with me.”

Now, also in this scenario imagine that you were to walk into the VIP section of a Club in Lagos and the bouncers stop you. Then Davido, OBO himself says, “Don’t worry, he’s with me.”

Which of these two people do you suppose the bouncer will take seriously?

Exactly my point.

SEO link building is quite an expansive topic and I’ll be glad to teach you the in-depth approach to it and how to build authority links. More on that at the end of the post.

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#4. Technical SEO services

When most people hear the word ‘technical’, they want to Japa and never touch it.

That is understandable. Technical SEO has to be the most abstract of the four SEO services in Lagos Nigeria that we have highlighted here.

It entails optimizing the backend, that is the server-side aspects of your website. Let me clarify:

Having a well-optimized website ideally starts with how a website is built. What is it built with? On top of what software stack is it built etc?

If any of these things have really wrong answers, then your SEO may never see the light of day.

A very good example is your website hosting. If your website hosting company doesn’t provide you with super-fast servers, it will make your website slow. And we all know that a slow website is one of the indications Google needs to reduce your rankings on its search engine.

This is just an example of how technical SEO affects your overall SEO chances.

What’s next for you?

Now that you have a grasp on all the activities an SEO company is supposed to be doing for your business, you can now make a better judgment when selecting which SEO Agency will work for you.

You can now better sift through all the jargon and BS and know when an agency is just spouting lies or frankly just doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So I’m delighted to tell you that RicheeRank knows exactly what it’s doing! Information is broken down in the manner we just did for you didn’t come to us by accident – we’ve been in this game for almost 5 years and counting.

We have one of the best client onboarding processes in the business and we keep you updated all through the journey. One of the values that make us stand out from other SEO agencies is that, unlike other SEO companies that are only interested in rankings, we not just focus on rankings but also on how those rankings can keep getting you sales for years to come.

How about we send you a free SEO audit report of your website, to begin with? In this report, you’ll see a list of factors that are making your website not rank for its target keywords. After this, we’ll jump on a quick Zoom video meeting with you to provide insight on how to fix your SEO problems.

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